Here Come the Tiny Houses

tony house.jpeg
by Traci Knight

Tiny houses are part of an overall social movement that values downsizing as a source of fiscal responsibility and environmental consciousness. The typical American home is an average of 2600 square feet which can saddle homeowners with debt for a good portion of their lives. In contrast, tiny homes are anywhere from 100 – 400 square feet and can cost as little as $500 to build. New designs are emerging that enhance the appeal of living in such tight quarters. Indeed, using space well is a trademark of the best of these houses, highlighting how little space we actually need to stay organized and happy.

Tiny Houses – Sustainable and Small

Trademarks of these minute dwellings are decreased ecological footprint. Modern builds are fitted with energy efficient amenities that greatly reduce living expenses. While banks do not always approve home loans for what amounts to a non traditional asset, these homes are affordable even still. Many families are learning how to build their own small homes, often from one of the four craft designs featured below.



1. Underground Houses:

These homes really maximize small spaces. They utilize the materials that are removed to complete the build out. Energy efficient, earthquake and fire resistant, they often resemble a hobbit hole.



2. Earth Ships:

Small solar powered homes made with local, recycled, and natural materials. Self sufficiency is a trademark of these homes and they have all the amenities to keep your lifestyle sustainable. They have great visual appeal, using glass and design elements to stunning effect.



3. Straw bale houses:

Utilizing farm waste, these homes were developed as a low cost alternative for strong insulation. They are becoming more popular and have achieved precedent setting land use jurisdictions.



4. Roundhouses:

Circular in shape with wooden frame posts. Finished with cob and cordwood panels, they typically have a thatched, conical roof or a reciprocal frame green roof. Cost effective, energy efficient, and hurricane proof.

A Nod to the Future

Small, sustainable structures are the way of the future. They offer a level of privacy that shared living space such as apartments do not have. The DIY component of these homes can create a true sense of ownership and accomplishment for those who undertake the effort. These homes do offer a contrast to the decadence of our society and give us a real look at what it means to live simply.



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