About Me

traci gretyl

I have walked the halls of despotism in my mind, knowing that in the end- I come back with myself.   The idea that all of history is conspiracy doesn’t seem too far fetched.

I don’t know where I come from, or what form I took before this life.  But I do know that I am stardust.  I am moonbeams, cobwebs, broken dreams, and reconciliation.  There is no dream worse than that of extinction.  The point when lineage stops, and memories are lost.  If I could have one wish granted it would be that we humans could turn this all around.  That we could stop this train of destruction and consumption.

Let go of fear.  Let go of separation.  Allow Life to be Messy.  Embrace Silence.


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  1. Your biography is who you really are, not all the things people want you to be. Good for you! Love your articles… keep writing.

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